MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro Gaming Laptop


The top hood features a black, brushed-metal finish similar to the MSI GT73VR Titan Pro and GE72VR Apache Pro. The metal finish provides a sleek aesthetic that works well with a thin, light system, but it tends to attract fingerprints during regular day-to-day handling. The MSI Gaming Series shield and dragon logo is stamped on the middle of the hood. When the system is powered, the white dragon is illuminated in white.

The bottom has four vents, which provide vital airflow to the system’s exhaust fans. Unlike the top hood’s metal finish, the bottom features a velvet-like cloth, which adds a premium touch. The laptop has virtually zero flex, but the panels feel rather flimsy. You can hear a bit of creaking if you apply pressure to the body, which is troublesome considering how tightly packed the internal components are.

The exhaust vents can be found on the Stealth Pro’s sides and back. These vents measure 2.25 x 0.25″ on the left and right, and 5 x 0.25″ for the two on the back.


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