Instagram for Android beta hints at multi-photo posts


Looks like Instagram has a major new feature coming soon to its service.

A new beta update to the Instagram for Android app rolled out recently that includes support for multi-photo posts. With the update, you can press and hold on images in your library to select up to 10 photos that you’d like to post. You can then add filters to the images and share your post.

The problem is that this feature doesn’t appear to be working quite yet. When I tried to share a multi-photo post, Instagram kept giving me an error.


The ability to share multiple photos in one post is already enabled for advertisers, and so it’s nice to see that Instagram is prepping the feature for us regular users, too. With it, you’ll be able to tell a story with your Instagram photos without having to spam your followers’ feeds with several posts in a row.

If you’re in the Instagram for Android beta, you can load up the app and try this feature now. If now, stay tuned and we’ll let you know when the feature goes live for everyone.

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