Instagram announces new safety features, including ability to disable comments on a post


Instagram today announced new features to help make its service a safer place.

First up, Instagram is rolling out comment control features. That includes the ability to turn off comments on any post, which will be available for everyone. Simply go into Advanced Settings before you post and select Turn Off Commenting. You’ll also be able to turn commenting back on at any time.

Instagram is also adding the ability to like comments just like you would an Instagram post. This feature will roll out in the coming weeks.


Another new feature coming to Instagram is the ability to remove followers from private accounts. If you have a private account, you can approve people that ask to follow you, and now you’ll be able to remove followers as well. Simply go to your follow list and tap the … menu next to the user’s name. The user will not be notified that you removed them.

Finally, Instagram is rolling out anonymous reporting for self-injury posts. If you find that someone might be having a difficult time and may be thinking about injuring themselves, you can report it anonymously and Instagram will reach out and suggest organizations that could help them.

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